Did you know that women on average spend approximately $1932 a year on clothes? Using my services, I could potentially save you $1432+ a year. That my friend is a lot of extra money in your account!



Wardrobe Consultation – Seeing a wardrobe for the first time means a fresh perspective. Mix and matching to create new outfits out of your current clothing. You don’t need to start from scratch! I can work with what you have and change the way you see these clothes. I will bring a few items from the Boutique  for your consideration. Don’t fret! I will leave you tags on your hangers, to help you remember what the new ensembles are!




 Personal Shopping – Shopping can be fun, until it is not. If you feel overwhelmed by change rooms and line-ups, underwhelmed by seeing the same stuff in every store or barely have time to brush your hair never mind browse the racks I am here to help! I can do your shopping for you or with you! I will show you what to buy for your body shape and type. This will ensure you will be wearing all of your clothes, and none will be sitting in your closet with the tags still on. A great way to save money!



Stylist Session – New year? New Job? New Attitude? Big event? Or just getting back in touch with YOU? When you are ready to take it to the next level, schedule a styling session to make sure you start out in the right outfit! I will style you in the right shades and shapes to show off the new you.

Includes complexion/color assessment, fit for fashion – know the right shapes for your curves, and how to pick the right accessories to be sure your outfit is on point!


*Packages available upon request

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